May 242007

Invoking constructor of a constructed class!!

Read this before reading further! This is useful if you are interested in writing container classes where you need to reconstruct objects. vectors/CArrays reconstructs objects in a similar way.

#include <new .h>
class MyClass

           cout << "Previous value: " << m_nNum << endl;
           m_nNum = 20;
      int m_nNum;

void main()
     // Constructor invoked once here
     MyClass mc;

     // Now we are going to invoke constructor once more
     // using placement new passing address of already created object
     // as memory location. This prevents further memory allocation and
     // the compiler calls constructor once more.
    ::new(( void* )&mc) MyClass;

     // First time printed number will be garbage, second time
     // number will be 20

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